Family Disney World Trip 2020

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The most magical Disney World vacation!

DISNEY! My absolute favorite place on Earth! I always cry when walking down Main Street USA and see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. It holds such a special place in my heart. BUT I never knew how even more emotional I could be when looking at the magic through the eyes on a child. This family Disney trip in 2020 was truly the most magical Disney World vacation!

A little back story: My little nephew Alex and I are so close and he knows that Auntie BB LOVES Disney. In fact, we always snuggle up to watch Disney movies during sleep overs. One of his favorite movies is the live action Aladdin (which works for me because it’s one of my favorite live actions, cartoon and musical, but I digress). Alex developed a huge crush on Princess Jasmine, he loved her song “Speechless” and was quite, in-fact, speechless himself. He would always say to me, “Auntie BB, I wish I could meet her! I love her!” OK, how sweet is that?! So I told him that the only place we could really meet her is in Disney World. With the look of excitement he said, “I wish would could go to Disney and meet all my favorite people!”

So I pounced on this wish! I talked with his parents about how we need to figure out when he can go to Disney. Now my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are not ones to go on big trips in busy places. SO they gave me the honor of being the one to bring him! I think if I was a cartoon character, I would have jumped through the roof of the house, I was that excited!!


We came up with a plan to surprise Alex on Christmas with the gift of a Disney vacation! We also talked with my mother-in-law (Suzy) and asked if she would want to come with Alex and I, of course she was so excited to be a part of this adventure too! (I’m truly blessed with the BEST Mother-In-Law!) So, Christmas Eve came and we were ready to surprise Alex with the best gift ever! When he walked into the living room in Suzy’s home, he saw a bunch of gifts wrapped in Mickey and Minnie Mouse wrapping paper with Suzy, Alex and my names on them! What?!

Well I worked SO hard for 6 months on planning the perfect trip and the perfect way to tell him we were going! So, I made cute photoshopped pictures that were our “invitations” to Disney World from the Mouse himself! And I even bought a Mickey Mouse stuffy and a recording box, and had Nate record a voice over saying, “Merry Christmas Alex, Brittany and Suzy! I can’t wait to see you all in Disney World! Ha ha!” Mickey Mouse gave us all Mickey and Minnie ears, and t-shirts!

I literally cry every time I watch that! Especially when Alex runs and gives me the biggest hug when he makes the connection that we are actually going to Disney World. We couldn’t wait!

Family Disney World Trip

Incase you don’t feel like reading through the whole blog, which I hope you do because each day gets cuter and cuter! But here are the topics. I will give a brief summary of each day and comments on some photos with memories I will never forget!


I apologize for how annoying I may sound in the videos! Alex was so shy and said he just needed me to help him “not be shy”. So I did and helped him think of what to do next with the characters and try and help him understand what they were miming. Maybe it’s just me not liking the sound of my own voice, but I had to let you know! If you can get past that, the videos of his interactions are PRICELESS!!!







It was 3AM, we put on our “Disney Bound” shirts, piled into my car and headed off to the airport! To say we were exhausted was an understatement! BUT we were so filled with excitement that we didn’t care! We boarded the plane and put on Aladdin. While we were flying Alex looked out the window and kept exclaiming, “We are in Cloud Land!” He was so excited to be flying amongst the clouds! It made those around us chuckle at his sweet thought. We landed in FL and knew we were only a quick drive away from the most magical place on Earth! Let the best family Disney World trip commence!

Alex LOVED our hotel, the All-Star Movie Resort! We walked around and explored it all. His favorite parts were the giant statues of the 101 Dalmatians and the Mickey Sorcerer Hat!! It’s super cute, I knew he was so happy because he could not stop dancing and skipping as he walked.

After a quick tour and costumer change, we headed off to Disney Springs to play around with legos and for a lunch at T-Rex Cafe!



We made it, Magic Kingdom! I could talk FOREVER about this day but I will try not to keep you too long!

Throughout the trip, we gave gifts to all the girl characters! Alex wanted to make the princesses and girls feel so special. SO we went and bought A BUNCH of fake roses! Alex picked out the colors of the roses, he wanted red ones and pink ones! ((I highly recommend doing this, you get the BEST interactions with the characters!)) We also brought a big book of Disney characters, so we had one place for characters to sign, so you will see this book throughout this post!

OK, where do I begin?? I guess from the beginning of entering into the park. When we first entered we HAD to meet Mickey first! We had to thank him for inviting us to his kingdom (as Alex called said it was his kingdom). Alex even made him the sweetest thank you card! He was nervous to meet Mickey but once Mickey showed him how happy he was to get a thank you card, Alex became excited too!

After meeting Mickey Mouse, we went to go meet Tinker Bell! Alex couldn’t believe that we could shrink down to her size and talk with her! She was absolutely adorable!!

We then made our way down Main Street USA and saw the castle for the first time! I cried and Alex exclaimed “WOW!!! It’s so big!” Suzy couldn’t stop giggling at how cute he was. As we gazed upon the castle, fireworks shot off! It was like Magic Kingdom was welcoming us!


After stopping for a quick photo in front of the castle, we headed straight for Adventure Land, so he could meet his crush, his princess. Seeing his adorable face light up when he SAW her for the first time, before we ever got in line, was the cutest!! As we progressed in line he kept trying to catch glimpses of her through the other people in line. When we were next, he was shaking in excitement! He could NOT stop smiling! IT WAS TIME! Jasmine came over to us, Alex froze. He couldn’t remember what he wanted to do! SO we helped him along. We practiced how to be a gentleman and kiss his princesses on the hand! It was the cutest thing you ever did see! Aladdin got a little jealous, which was hilarious!

Please look at the photos of him hugging her, he looks like he is ready to cry. You can just see his pure overwhelming joy. Alex gave both of them cards, as Jasmine is (obviously) his favorite princess and Aladdin is his favorite prince! We posed for one final photo and said our goodbyes. He was definitely skipping merrily along after this!


We then enjoyed a few fun rides, Aladdin’s carpet ride, It’s a Small World and The Haunted Mansion. He was really scared to go on The Haunted Mansion, but Suzy and I both LOVE that ride and just had to go on it! Thankfully they had some fun activities to do in line to make him forget it was a “scary” ride. When we entered into the mansion, I scooped him up and talked him through the whole “first act” in the entrance and elevator. I told him everything he could expect to happen from the moment we entered to the moment we exited the ride. He ended up LOVING it!

After we rode some rides, we ended up a dance party in the middle of Main Street! We had no idea that was happening. Alex absolutely loved it!! I think he loved it so much that he ended up taking a nap in his stroller. SO Suzy and I went SHOPPING! We were definitely bad influences on each other, to say the least. We encouraged each other to buy everything we wanted.


We ended our day with a character dinner at Crystal Palace with Pooh-Bear and his pals! This was also my first time at a character dinner, and it was adorable! We loved meeting Pooh and the gang. Suzy and I watched as Alex joined in conga line with Pooh & Pals and other children in the restaurant! Seriously so fun!

Even though it was late, we watched the fireworks over the castle! Alex thought it was absolutely amazing, especially when the castle moved with all the projections. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!



It’s day 2 of the most magical family Disney World trip! We went to Animal Kingdom, or as Alex calls it “The worlds biggest zoo!!” He also was amazed that a giant tree could grow with animals on it!

We started our animal adventure back in time! In the time of the dinosaurs!! Alex loved the playscape where you could dig up dino bones. We must have played there for two hours! I mean he was a 5 year old little boy, what 5 year old doesn’t love dinosaurs?! After some convincing, we wondered over to the Dinosaur Carnival (or at least that’s what I’m calling it). We took a ride on the triceratops spin and loved controlling the dino!

We then got to meet GOOFY! Goofy’s area was decked out in “strong man” banners and posters! Alex wore his hulk shirt and wanted to show Goofy he was as strong as Hulk! Goofy had the best reaction, showing he was scared of strong boy Alex. (This was the start of Alex showing off his muscles to EVERY character, including Donal and Daisy!)

Alex took quite a few naps today so we ended up not going on the Jungle Safari, it may have been my fault because I wanted us to go to the Lion King show. It was fun to relive it as an adult but I will be the first to admit it was a waste of time and we should have used it for the safari. Live and learn, I guess.

“The Jungle V.I.P.”

For dinner we went to The Tusker House! Not only was the food delicious, but the interactions with the characters were amazing!! Going along with out tradition of giving female characters flowers, we have safari Daisy a rose! She LOVED it!! In fact, she loved it so much that she HAD to show Donald! I was trying not to crack up during the interaction but it was PRICELESS! Donald was jealous and telling Alex Daisy was HIS girl! But Alex assured him that Jasmine was really his girl. Alex felt like a VIP because he had two characters at our table and we were able to meet Mickey and Goofy again! (We also gave Goofy a rose because I told Alex he was one of my favorites!)

My Night Out

After dinner, Alex told us he was tired. So, Suzy and Alex took an Uber back to the hotel and I was able to play! I took advantage and headed straight for World of Pandora to ride “Flight of Passage”! Was there a two and a half hour line? Yes! Did I care? Nope! While in line a met a sweet family from Greece! We shared stories of what it was like to live where we did and how our vacation was going. (I love learning about other people and their lives! It was such a great personal moment for me.) Can I just say, that ride is AMAZING! Totally worth the two and a half hour wait! They were so excited for me to ride since it was their second time on it they kept asking me what I thought. We then said our goodbyes in the gift shop!

Did you know that there is a night time spectacular projection on the Tree of Life? Yeah, neither did i! I walked past the tree and noticed a little crowd around. So I decided to stop and admire the tree. All of a sudden, animals started moving! The tree was coming to life! There was a sweet projection story line of a little fawn wandering through the jungle, meeting other animals. It was breath taking!



Some of you may know it as Hollywood Studios…but I will always know it as MGM. This was such a fun packed day! Our favorite areas of the park were Toy Story Land and Metroville City Block!

“To Infinity & Beyond”

Our first stop on our MGM adventure was, of course, TOY STORY LAND!!! Alex was obsessed with all the Toy Story movies and could not wait to meet his favorite space ranger and cow boy! When we met Buzz he was so excited to do his “to infinity and beyond” pose! Of course I had to be THAT dorky aunt that made everyone do that pose for the group photo (even Buzz looked confused and had to see what the heck this crazy lady was doing. It makes me laugh when I watch our encounter with Buzz.

After meeting Buzz and point out all the cool toys we could find throughout the area, we headed to the Alien Swirling Saucer ride! It was somewhat of a long line, but don’t worry, Auntie BB made sure to pack a BUNCH of line time wasters. We had magic marker coloring books, I Spy Disney edition cards, a couple books and of course our giant signature book. We were never bored in line! Anyway…the ride was so fun! I could even hear Suzy giggling and laughing on the ride. Alex said, “this is Gramma’s favorite ride! She loves Aliens and we’re in a alien ship”!

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

Then we headed to Toy Story Mania! That ride is SO fun and intense! Suzy and Alex LOVED shooting at the targets. I didn’t shoot anything, as I let Alex take my controls. I highly recommend this ride, next time you are in Hollywood Studios. It’s a fun way to stay cool! While exiting the ride, we saw the line for Woody and Bo-Peep and decided we wanted to meet them. Now little did Alex know that Bo-Peep was going to become his absolute favorite character from the movies.

When Bo-Peep first approached us, Alex was hiding the rose behind his back before revealing it to her. Bo was swooned, especially after Alex kissed her hand. Alex did his shy shrug and took photos with them. We said our goodbyes and went to have a snack at our stroller. While eating our cookies, one of the cast members came over to us and said that Woody and Bo-Peep would like to walk with Alex to the “toy box”!! We were SO excited…but…Alex told me he had to go potty!

You Really Can’t Hold It?

What? Now? Could he wait? Nope! So being the super hero Auntie (I was not going to let him miss this opportunity, I asked the cast member how long we had. She said only a few minutes. I picked Alex up in my arms, and with him holding tight, I RAN to the nearest bathroom (which wasn’t so near)! Of course there was a line in the restroom, so I played it. I told all in line that he’s about to pee his pants, THANK GOODNESS they were all moms and “understood”! Then with Alex koala bear hugging me, we RAN back to Woody and Bo’s area and made it…just in time! Side note – I could not breathe! I am not one for running!

Let’s Go For A Walk

The wonderful cast member pulled Alex to the side and got him ready for the best treat! When Woody and Bo were ready to leave, they each grabbed Alex’s hand! Without even looking back, Alex walked along with them to the “toy box”! For all Alex knew, we weren’t with him! But of course I was recording the entire memory behind him. I may or may not have been crying the WHOLE time! How special of a moment! I hope it’s a memory he never forgets. When we got to the entrance of the “toy box”, the Green Army Men Marching Band was coming out! So he then got to dance with Woody!!! Oh my heart couldn’t take it!

That Was Incredible

When we walked away from the best time in Toy Story Land we discovered Metroville! And not only that, it was a free roam area. We met Edna Mode, Frozone, Elastagirl and even Mr. Incredible himself!! Alex played kickball with Frozone and showed off his super strength to Mr. Incredible. Now, Elastagirl was our favorite! We first met her and got her autograph, but Alex was sad we didn’t give her a rose. I told him it was ok but he was determined to get her attention again to give her one. Well, it worked! He showed her the red rose and she was just SMITTEN! Alex was so happy she loved it so much! She loved it so much so, that she put it in her boot and wore it the rest of the time she was wandering about.

And That’s A Wrap

For the rest of the day, we met Minnie, Sorcerer Micky and Olaf! We did wander around the Star Wars area, but only stayed long enough so I could go on Smugglers Run. I wish I went on Rise of the Resistance instead. But that’s what next times are for.

For dinner we went to Hollywood and Vine! It was yummy and we were able to see Mickey and the gang again! Alex was exhausted at this point and just want to eat and go back to the hotel. So I whisked Alex and Suzy off to an Uber and I stayed late to play! I went on Tower of Terror, twice. Then went to Magic Kingdom for a few hours! It was so fun to walk the park by myself.



Our last day in Disney, a short but FUN day! We ended our magical adventure with one last day in Magic Kingdom. The perfect end to the perfect trip.

Since we only stayed on the adventure side of Magic Kingdom the first day, we adventured through Fantasy Land! One of Alex’s biggest goals was to find Pluto! We met the rest of Mickey’s pals except for Pluto. We asked a handful of cast members about where we could find Pluto. They pointed us to the Storybook Circus area and WE FOUND HIM!!!! Alex was SO excited we finally met Pluto and he got to pet the pooch!

After our fun meeting with Pluto, we headed towards the Dumbo ride! I think Alex enjoyed the line que more than the actual ride itself. It was like being in a circus tent with slides and obstacle courses! He could have stayed there all day. But we made it on the ride and he just loved it! Now Alex has a fear of heights, yet his favorite rides were the flying rides (Aladdin’s Carpet, Triceratop Spin and now Dumbo).

You Are Cordially Invited

Next up, lunch INSIDE Cinderella’s Castle! I will admit I was just as excited (if not more so) as Alex. See we were invited by Cinderella herself to have lunch in her castle with Ariel, Snow White, Aurora and Jasmine, (with the help of Auntie BB with the invitation 😉 ). If you watch the video you will get a glimpse of the invitation. Anyway, can we talk about how cute it was to see Alex hold the rose behind his back as Cinderella guided him to her seat?! When he presented her with the rose, she was SHOCKED (I’m telling you, giving characters roses is what made the whole trip)! So, in return she gave Alex a kiss on his cheek, it even left a kiss mark! He was definitely blushing afterwards!

After Cinderella signed our book and invitation, we headed up to the dining room! It was beautiful!!

Prince Charming

As we were coloring and eating our lunch, we were visited by Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. Alex was definitely a lady’s man, charming the princesses. I think he may have developed a small crush on Aurora, his face says it all. One of our favorite interactions (besides Jasmine, of course) was Ariel! She was simply the sweetest! She was swooned by her rose, that she also gave Alex a kiss on his forehead! This boy had two princess kiss marks on him, how lucky is he?!

Princesses On Parade

After lunch we made it in time to see the Disney Fantasy Parade! We got to see so many amazing characters, including my favorite princess Rapunzel! Alex told me he wished I could meet my favorite princess, but he was too tired to stay. Thankfully we didn’t have any dinner plans that evening, so Suzy took Alex back to our hotel so they could rest. I don’t blame Alex for being tired, this little boy did and saw so much in just a few short days. Once again, Auntie BB could play!

Kiss Goodnight

Being in Disney alone, I took every moment in. It was quite lovely to be walking around the most magical place on Earth on my own. I decided to still meet Rapunzel (and give her two roses), so Alex could see I was able to meet my favorite princess. Can I just say, she was so SWEET! I told her that my nephew was too tired to meet her but he really wanted me to still meet her. I had a cast member video record the experience. Rapunzel, instead of just signing the book and taking a photo with me, she actually left Alex a message through the video. I mean, how ADORABLE is that?

After meeting Rapunzel and Tiana, I just wandered the grounds taking it all in. I even watched the fireworks from a different location, by where Splash Mountain is. It looks so different, I never realized how far away the fireworks are from the castle! It was really interesting to see. After the main fireworks show, I slowly walked to the castle and waited for the “Kiss Goodnight”. If you didn’t know this (because I didn’t, Magic Kingdom has one last firework show to give you a little kiss goodnight.

As I walked down Main Street for the final time, I headed up the stairs at the train station. There I looked out towards Cinderella’s Castle and just thought about how beautiful, magical and perfect this vacation was. I thought about how much this park means to me and how wonderful it is that a place like Disney can bring so much joy, to so many. About the next time I would be here, I may have my own child in tow. I thought of how lucky I was to be able to spend time to myself in my favorite place. It truly was the best day ever!


The BEST Family Disney World Trip EVER

This is a family vacation that Suzy and I will never forget! And I hope Alex remembers it too. It was wonderful to spend time with them both. I feel it brought Suzy and I even closer. Especially while Alex was napping. We had so many magical moments throughout our stay. Fireworks going off when we first saw Cinderella’s Castle and parrots soaring through the sky the first time we saw The Tree of Life. Moments I will not soon forget.

I cannot wait to go back though. I cannot wait to share magical moments and memories with my children. It may be quite a few years away but, I know it will be another BEST VACATION EVER!

Vacation Planning

Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


T-Rex Cafe

Crystal Palace

Tusker House

Hollywood and Vine

Cinderella’s Royal Table

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