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The most magical Disney World vacation!


It’s day 2 of the most magical family Disney World trip, and we went to Animal Kingdom, or as Alex calls it “The worlds biggest zoo!!” He also was amazed that a giant tree could grow with animals on it!

We started our Animal Kingdom adventure in Disney back in time! In the time of the dinosaurs!! Alex loved the playscape where you could dig up dino bones. We must have played there for two hours! I mean he was a 5 year old little boy, what 5 year old doesn’t love dinosaurs?! After some convincing, we wondered over to the Dinosaur Carnival (or at least that’s what I’m calling it). We took a ride on the triceratops spin and loved controlling the dino!

We then got to meet GOOFY! Goofy’s area was decked out in “strong man” banners and posters! Alex wore his hulk shirt and wanted to show Goofy he was as strong as Hulk! Goofy had the best reaction, showing he was scared of strong boy Alex. (This was the start of Alex showing off his muscles to EVERY character, including Donal and Daisy!)

Alex took quite a few naps today so we ended up not going on the Jungle Safari, it may have been my fault because I wanted us to go to the Lion King show. It was fun to relive it as an adult but I will be the first to admit it was a waste of time and we should have used it for the safari. Live and learn, I guess.

“The Jungle V.I.P.”

For dinner we went to The Tusker House! Not only was the food delicious, but the interactions with the characters were amazing!! Going along with out tradition of giving female characters flowers, we have safari Daisy a rose! She LOVED it!! In fact, she loved it so much that she HAD to show Donald! I was trying not to crack up during the interaction but it was PRICELESS! Donald was jealous and telling Alex Daisy was HIS girl! But Alex assured him that Jasmine was really his girl. Alex felt like a VIP because he had two characters at our table and we were able to meet Mickey and Goofy again! (We also gave Goofy a rose because I told Alex he was one of my favorites!)

My Night Out

After dinner, Alex told us he was tired. So, Suzy and Alex took an Uber back to the hotel and I was able to play! I took advantage and headed straight for World of Pandora to ride “Flight of Passage”! Was there a two and a half hour line? Yes! Did I care? Nope! While in line a met a sweet family from Greece! We shared stories of what it was like to live where we did and how our vacation was going. (I love learning about other people and their lives! It was such a great personal moment for me.) Can I just say, that ride is AMAZING! Totally worth the two and a half hour wait! They were so excited for me to ride since it was their second time on it they kept asking me what I thought. We then said our goodbyes in the gift shop!

Did you know that there is a night time spectacular projection on the Tree of Life? Yeah, neither did i! I walked past the tree and noticed a little crowd around. So I decided to stop and admire the tree. All of a sudden, animals started moving! The tree was coming to life! There was a sweet projection story line of a little fawn wandering through the jungle, meeting other animals. It was breath taking!



We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day Two)


Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


Tusker House

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