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The most magical Disney World vacation!

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Some of you may know this Disney park as Hollywood Studios, but I will always know it as MGM. This was such a fun packed day! Our favorite areas of the park were Toy Story Land and Metroville City Block!

“To Infinity & Beyond”

Our first stop on our MGM (Hollywood Studios) adventure was, of course, TOY STORY LAND in Disney!!! Alex was obsessed with all the Toy Story movies and could not wait to meet his favorite space ranger and cow boy! When we met Buzz he was so excited to do his “to infinity and beyond” pose! Of course I had to be THAT dorky aunt that made everyone do that pose for the group photo (even Buzz looked confused and had to see what the heck this crazy lady was doing. It makes me laugh when I watch our encounter with Buzz.

After meeting Buzz and point out all the cool toys we could find throughout the area, we headed to the Alien Swirling Saucer ride! It was somewhat of a long line, but don’t worry, Auntie BB made sure to pack a BUNCH of line time wasters. We had magic marker coloring books, I Spy Disney edition cards, a couple books and of course our giant signature book. We were never bored in line! Anyway…the ride was so fun! I could even hear Suzy giggling and laughing on the ride. Alex said, “this is Gramma’s favorite ride! She loves Aliens and we’re in a alien ship”!

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

Then we headed to Toy Story Mania! That ride is SO fun and intense! Suzy and Alex LOVED shooting at the targets. I didn’t shoot anything, as I let Alex take my controls. I highly recommend this ride, next time you are in Hollywood Studios. It’s a fun way to stay cool! While exiting the ride, we saw the line for Woody and Bo-Peep and decided we wanted to meet them. Now little did Alex know that Bo-Peep was going to become his absolute favorite character from the movies.

When Bo-Peep first approached us, Alex was hiding the rose behind his back before revealing it to her. Bo was swooned, especially after Alex kissed her hand. Alex did his shy shrug and took photos with them. We said our goodbyes and went to have a snack at our stroller. While eating our cookies, one of the cast members came over to us and said that Woody and Bo-Peep would like to walk with Alex to the “toy box”!! We were SO excited…but…Alex told me he had to go potty!

You Really Can’t Hold It?

What? Now? Could he wait? Nope! So being the super hero Auntie (I was not going to let him miss this opportunity, I asked the cast member how long we had. She said only a few minutes. I picked Alex up in my arms, and with him holding tight, I RAN to the nearest bathroom (which wasn’t so near)! Of course there was a line in the restroom, so I played it. I told all in line that he’s about to pee his pants, THANK GOODNESS they were all moms and “understood”! Then with Alex koala bear hugging me, we RAN back to Woody and Bo’s area and made it…just in time! Side note – I could not breathe! I am not one for running!

Let’s Go For A Walk

The wonderful cast member pulled Alex to the side and got him ready for the best treat! When Woody and Bo were ready to leave, they each grabbed Alex’s hand! Without even looking back, Alex walked along with them to the “toy box”! For all Alex knew, we weren’t with him! But of course I was recording the entire memory behind him. I may or may not have been crying the WHOLE time! How special of a moment! I hope it’s a memory he never forgets. When we got to the entrance of the “toy box”, the Green Army Men Marching Band was coming out! So he then got to dance with Woody!!! Oh my heart couldn’t take it! The most magical Disney moment in MGM (Hollywood Studios), so far!

That Was Incredible

When we walked away from the best time in Toy Story Land we discovered Metroville! And not only that, it was a free roam area. We met Edna Mode, Frozone, Elastagirl and even Mr. Incredible himself!! Alex played kickball with Frozone and showed off his super strength to Mr. Incredible. Now, Elastagirl was our favorite! We first met her and got her autograph, but Alex was sad we didn’t give her a rose. I told him it was ok but he was determined to get her attention again to give her one. Well, it worked! He showed her the red rose and she was just SMITTEN! Alex was so happy she loved it so much! She loved it so much so, that she put it in her boot and wore it the rest of the time she was wandering about.

And That’s A Wrap

For the rest of our Disney day in MGM (Hollywood Studios) we met Minnie, Sorcerer Micky and Olaf! We did wander around the Star Wars area, but only stayed long enough so I could go on Smugglers Run. I wish I went on Rise of the Resistance instead. But that’s what next times are for.

For dinner we went to Hollywood and Vine! It was yummy and we were able to see Mickey and the gang again! Alex was exhausted at this point and just want to eat and go back to the hotel. So I whisked Alex and Suzy off to an Uber and I stayed late to play! I went on Tower of Terror, twice. Then went to Magic Kingdom for a few hours! It was so fun to walk the park by myself.



We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day Two)


Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


Hollywood and Vine

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