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The most magical Disney World vacation!


Our last day in Disney, spent in Magic Kingdom (day two) was a short but FUN day! The perfect end to the perfect trip.

Since we only stayed on the adventure side of Magic Kingdom the first day, we adventured through Fantasy Land for day two! One of Alex’s biggest goals was to find Pluto! We met the rest of Mickey’s pals except for Pluto. We asked a handful of cast members about where we could find Pluto. They pointed us to the Storybook Circus area and WE FOUND HIM!!!! Alex was SO excited we finally met Pluto and he got to pet the pooch!

After our fun meeting with Pluto, we headed towards the Dumbo ride! I think Alex enjoyed the line que more than the actual ride itself. It was like being in a circus tent with slides and obstacle courses! He could have stayed there all day. But we made it on the ride and he just loved it! Now Alex has a fear of heights, yet his favorite rides were the flying rides (Aladdin’s Carpet, Triceratop Spin and now Dumbo).

You Are Cordially Invited

Next up, lunch INSIDE Cinderella’s Castle! I will admit I was just as excited (if not more so) as Alex. See we were invited by Cinderella herself to have lunch in her castle with Ariel, Snow White, Aurora and Jasmine, (with the help of Auntie BB with the invitation 😉 ). If you watch the video you will get a glimpse of the invitation. Anyway, can we talk about how cute it was to see Alex hold the rose behind his back as Cinderella guided him to her seat?! When he presented her with the rose, she was SHOCKED (I’m telling you, giving characters roses is what made the whole trip)! So, in return she gave Alex a kiss on his cheek, it even left a kiss mark! He was definitely blushing afterwards!

After Cinderella signed our book and invitation, we headed up to the dining room! It was beautiful!!

Prince Charming

As we were coloring and eating our lunch, we were visited by Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. Alex was definitely a lady’s man, charming the princesses. I think he may have developed a small crush on Aurora, his face says it all. One of our favorite interactions (besides Jasmine, of course) was Ariel! She was simply the sweetest! She was swooned by her rose, that she also gave Alex a kiss on his forehead! This boy had two princess kiss marks on him, how lucky is he?!

Princesses On Parade

After lunch we made it in time to see the Disney Fantasy Parade! We got to see so many amazing characters, including my favorite princess Rapunzel! Alex told me he wished I could meet my favorite princess, but he was too tired to stay. Thankfully we didn’t have any dinner plans that evening, so Suzy took Alex back to our hotel so they could rest. I don’t blame Alex for being tired, this little boy did and saw so much in just a few short days. Once again, Auntie BB could play!

Kiss Goodnight

Being in Disney alone, I took every moment in. It was quite lovely to be walking around the most magical place on Earth on my own. I decided to still meet Rapunzel (and give her two roses), so Alex could see I was able to meet my favorite princess. Can I just say, she was so SWEET! I told her that my nephew was too tired to meet her but he really wanted me to still meet her. I had a cast member video record the experience. Rapunzel, instead of just signing the book and taking a photo with me, she actually left Alex a message through the video. I mean, how ADORABLE is that?

After meeting Rapunzel and Tiana, I just wandered the grounds taking it all in. I even watched the fireworks from a different location, by where Splash Mountain is. It looks so different, I never realized how far away the fireworks are from the castle! It was really interesting to see. After the main fireworks show, I slowly walked to the castle and waited for the “Kiss Goodnight”. If you didn’t know this (because I didn’t, Magic Kingdom has one last firework show to give you a little kiss goodnight.

As I walked down Main Street for the final time, I headed up the stairs at the train station. There I looked out towards Cinderella’s Castle and just thought about how beautiful, magical and perfect this vacation was. I thought about how much this park means to me and how wonderful it is that a place like Disney can bring so much joy, to so many. About the next time I would be here, I may have my own child in tow. I thought of how lucky I was to be able to spend time to myself in my favorite place. It truly was the best day ever!

The BEST Family Disney World Trip EVER

This is a family vacation that Suzy and I will never forget! And I hope Alex remembers it too. It was wonderful to spend time with them both. I feel it brought Suzy and I even closer. Especially while Alex was napping. We had so many magical moments throughout our stay. Fireworks going off when we first saw Cinderella’s Castle and parrots soaring through the sky the first time we saw The Tree of Life. Moments I will not soon forget.

I cannot wait to go back though. I cannot wait to share magical moments and memories with my children. It may be quite a few years away but, I know it will be another BEST VACATION EVER!


We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day Two)


Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


Cinderella’s Royal Table

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