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Disney World Trip 2020 | Part II


The most magical Disney World vacation!


We made it, Magic Kingdom in Disney! I could talk FOREVER about this day but I will try not to keep you too long!

Throughout the trip, we gave gifts to all the girl characters! Alex wanted to make the princesses and girls feel so special. SO we went and bought A BUNCH of fake roses! Alex picked out the colors of the roses, he wanted red ones and pink ones! ((I highly recommend doing this, you get the BEST interactions with the characters!)) We also brought a big book of Disney characters, so we had one place for characters to sign, so you will see this book throughout this post!

OK, where do I begin?? I guess from the beginning of entering into the park. When we first entered we HAD to meet Mickey first! We had to thank him for inviting us to his kingdom (as Alex called said it was his kingdom). Alex even made him the sweetest thank you card! He was nervous to meet Mickey but once Mickey showed him how happy he was to get a thank you card, Alex became excited too!

After meeting Mickey Mouse, we went to go meet Tinker Bell! Alex couldn’t believe that we could shrink down to her size and talk with her! She was absolutely adorable!!

We then made our way down Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom and saw the Disney castle for the first time! I cried and Alex exclaimed “WOW!!! It’s so big!” Suzy couldn’t stop giggling at how cute he was. As we gazed upon the castle, fireworks shot off! It was like Magic Kingdom was welcoming us!


After stopping for a quick photo in front of the castle, we headed straight for Adventure Land, so he could meet his crush, his princess. Seeing his adorable face light up when he SAW her for the first time, before we ever got in line, was the cutest!! As we progressed in line he kept trying to catch glimpses of her through the other people in line. When we were next, he was shaking in excitement! He could NOT stop smiling! IT WAS TIME! Jasmine came over to us, Alex froze. He couldn’t remember what he wanted to do! SO we helped him along. We practiced how to be a gentleman and kiss his princesses on the hand! It was the cutest thing you ever did see! Aladdin got a little jealous, which was hilarious!

Please look at the photos of him hugging her, he looks like he is ready to cry. You can just see his pure overwhelming joy. Alex gave both of them cards, as Jasmine is (obviously) his favorite princess and Aladdin is his favorite prince! We posed for one final photo and said our goodbyes. He was definitely skipping merrily along after this!


We then enjoyed a few fun rides in Magic Kingdom, Aladdin’s carpet ride, It’s a Small World and The Haunted Mansion. He was really scared to go on The Haunted Mansion, but Suzy and I both LOVE that ride and just had to go on it! Thankfully they had some fun activities to do in line to make him forget it was a “scary” ride. When we entered into the mansion, I scooped him up and talked him through the whole “first act” in the entrance and elevator. I told him everything he could expect to happen from the moment we entered to the moment we exited the ride. He ended up LOVING it! Pure Disney magic!

After we rode some rides, we ended up a dance party in the middle of Main Street! We had no idea that was happening. Alex absolutely loved it!! I think he loved it so much that he ended up taking a nap in his stroller. SO Suzy and I went SHOPPING! We were definitely bad influences on each other, to say the least. We encouraged each other to buy everything we wanted.


We ended our day with a character dinner at Crystal Palace with Pooh-Bear and his pals! This was also my first time at a character dinner, and it was adorable! We loved meeting Pooh and the gang. Suzy and I watched as Alex joined in conga line with Pooh & Pals and other children in the restaurant! Seriously so fun!

Even though it was late, we watched the fireworks over the castle! One of my favorite childhood memories in Magic Kingdom is watching the Disney fireworks. Alex thought it was absolutely amazing, especially when the castle moved with all the projections. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!


We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day 2)

Vacation Planning

Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


Crystal Palace

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