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The most magical Disney World vacation!

We’re going to Disney!

DISNEY! My absolute favorite place on Earth! I always cry when walking down Main Street USA and see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. It holds such a special place in my heart. BUT I never knew how even more emotional I could be when looking at the magic through the eyes of a child.

This family Disney trip in 2020 was truly the most magical Disney World vacation! A little back story: My little nephew Alex and I are so close and he knows that Auntie BB LOVES Disney. In fact, we always snuggle up to watch Disney movies during sleep overs. One of his favorite movies is the live action Aladdin (which works for me because it’s one of my favorite live actions, cartoon and musical, but I digress). Alex developed a huge crush on Princess Jasmine, he loved her song “Speechless” and was quite, in-fact, speechless himself. He would always say to me, “Auntie BB, I wish I could meet her! I love her!” OK, how sweet is that?! So I told him that the only place we could really meet her is in Disney World. With the look of excitement he said, “I wish would could go to Disney and meet all my favorite people!”

So I pounced on this wish! I talked with his parents about how we need to figure out when he can go to Disney. Now my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are not ones to go on big trips in busy places. SO they gave me the honor of being the one to bring him! I think if I was a cartoon character, I would have jumped through the roof of the house, I was that excited!!


We came up with a plan to surprise Alex on Christmas with the gift of a Disney vacation! We also talked with my mother-in-law (Suzy) and asked if she would want to come with Alex and I, of course she was so excited to be a part of this adventure too! (I’m truly blessed with the BEST Mother-In-Law!) So, Christmas Eve came and we were ready to surprise Alex with the best gift ever! When he walked into the living room in Suzy’s home, he saw a bunch of gifts wrapped in Mickey and Minnie Mouse wrapping paper with Suzy, Alex and my names on them! What?!

Well I worked SO hard for 6 months on planning the perfect trip and the perfect way to tell him we were going! So, I made cute photoshopped pictures that were our “invitations” to Disney World from the Mouse himself! And I even bought a Mickey Mouse stuffy and a recording box, and had Nate record a voice over saying, “Merry Christmas Alex, Brittany and Suzy! I can’t wait to see you all in Disney World! Ha ha!” Mickey Mouse gave us all Mickey and Minnie ears, and t-shirts!

I literally cry every time I watch that! Especially when Alex runs and gives me the biggest hug when he makes the connection that we are actually going to Disney World. We couldn’t wait!

Family Disney World Trip

Incase you don’t feel like reading through the whole blog, which I hope you do because each day gets cuter and cuter! But here are the topics. I will give a brief summary of each day and comments on some photos with memories I will never forget!


I apologize for how annoying I may sound in the videos! Alex was so shy and said he just needed me to help him “not be shy”. So I did and helped him think of what to do next with the characters and try and help him understand what they were miming. Maybe it’s just me not liking the sound of my own voice, but I had to let you know! If you can get past that, the videos of his interactions are PRICELESS!!!

I’ll be doing this trip in a FIVE PART series! We did so much and I want you to be able to join us for all the fun!

Come along with us!

We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day Two)


It was 3AM, we put on our “Disney Bound” shirts, piled into my car and headed off to the airport! To say we were exhausted was an understatement! BUT we were so filled with excitement that we didn’t care! We boarded the plane and put on Aladdin. While we were flying Alex looked out the window and kept exclaiming, “We are in Cloud Land!” He was so excited to be flying amongst the clouds! It made those around us chuckle at his sweet thought. We landed in FL and knew we were only a quick drive away from the most magical place on Earth! Let the best family Disney World trip commence!

Alex LOVED our hotel, the All-Star Movie Resort! We walked around and explored it all. His favorite parts were the giant statues of the 101 Dalmatians and the Mickey Sorcerer Hat!! It’s super cute, I knew he was so happy because he could not stop dancing and skipping as he walked.

After a quick tour and costumer change, we headed off to Disney Springs to play around with legos and for a lunch at T-Rex Cafe!


We Landed

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MGM / Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom (Day Two)


Agent: Susan Hull at HMS Consulting, LLC

Hotel: All-Star Movie Resort

Airline: Jet Blue


T-Rex Cafe

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