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Hi, I'm Brittany

My Mixed Family!


A Harkness Memorial State Park Mixed Family Session.

It’s hard to believe I come from a big family. Even though we may be a mixed family, we are family none the less. There were, of course, many ups and downs when having two different families come together. But when there are 5 kids between ages 11 to 20, you can’t expect everyone to get along. As we got older and wiser, we all grew to love each other. Now I can’t believe how our mixed family as grown, especially looking at our session at Harkness.

My dad married my step-mom (Cindy) in spring of 2007, after we had all moved in together earlier in the year. I went from having my little brother, Matt, to having; a big step-brother Jarrod, a big step-sister Kaitlyn and little step-sister a Arianna. I also gained a half step-sibling, Jean, I didn’t live with her but I got to know her through the years. It was very different living with so many siblings, compared to just living with my little brother. It took a long time to adjust to this new life. I felt like I was living in my own version of “The Brady Bunch”, and I was Jan Brady. Let me just say, there was never a dull moment in that house! Between us siblings, we all had friends! And when our friends were over at the same time…chaos ensued!

Now as we are older and wiser, life looks different for us all.

Location | Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park

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