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The most amazing birthday gift in the world!

My cousin and Nate decided to throw me a birthday party with my close friends and family. It was so fun and absolutely sweet of them! I didn’t even see it coming, even though I helped cook the spinach and artichoke dip the night before at Amy’s house. Anyways, during the past couple weeks I felt like something was a little off with myself. And after my 30th birthday party, I found out the most exciting news! I received the best birthday gift in the world, I’m pregnant!

After my birthday party, I drove straight to a pharmacy and purchased a pregnancy test. As soon as I was home, I had to take it. I don’t even think I explained to Nate what I was doing or why I was rushing to the bathroom. When I came out I saw the faintest two little blue lines!!! Needless to say, we grabbed a couple more boxes of tests, just to double check it wasn’t a false positive. That same night I took another brand of test and there was still a faint line!! It wasn’t until a few days later that I took the digital test. And well…it was clear as day!

Clearly Nate and I were so excited! The first and only other person to know about my pregnancy, that night…my grandmother. Because we were overly excited, I needed to talk to someone else too! The first person to come into my my heart to tell was my sweet gramma. I had been talking with her over the past few months about how Nate and I were thinking of starting our family. She was really the only person I actually had this discussion with. So you can bet when I told her the amazing news, she was FILLED with joy and excitement! It is a late night (9:30pm) conversation I will never forget with her.

I cannot wait to take you along in this journey with us!

Favorite Pregnancy Test | Clear Blue Digital

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