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Kelsey + Chad | Engaged


An Adventurous Devil’s Hopyard Engagement

Kelsey and Chad had an adventurous Devil’s Hopyard engagement session! These two love birds wanted epic waterfall portraits and they weren’t afraid to get (basically) up close and personal with it! Even getting in the chilly waters (what troopers)!!

They are the sweetest couple with each other, always laughing and whispering sweet words to each other. I need to share this with you all, it is literally the cutest! Kelsey and Chad have a thing with the number 11. So everyday at 11:11 (am and pm), they either kiss, say I love or text sweet words to each other (if they are not together). They do this every sing day! How cute are they?

Some fun facts about Kelsey and Chad! I actually knew of Kelsey before we every discussed wedding photography! She works at a local pet resort where my own dog, Ozzy, attends. He has been going to “Doggie Day Camp” for almost 8 months before Kelsey and I connected with my engagement experience. What a small world! I know Ozzy loves all his “camp counselors” but I know Kesley is a favorite! So needless to say, I was super excited to capture her and Chad’s love story!

Just look at that waterfall! How lucky were we to have had a waterfall that full? I’ve never seen Chapman Falls like this before!

I still can’t believe Kesley and Chad had such an adventurous Devil’s Hopyard engagement session!! They went right for it!!! (By the way, these were not taken in the summer, “brrrr”)!!!


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