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Hi, I'm Brittany

Plan The Perfect Proposal


Will you marry me?

This is the question she has been waiting to hear her whole life. 
Why not capture this special moment in a beautiful and meaningful way?

First of all, I want to say, congratulations! You found the woman of your dreams and you want to ask her to share the rest of her life with you. Just take a moment and let that sink in because you want to spend the rest of your life with your one true love, your best friend, your soul mate! I am beyond happy and excited for you.

So, now for the proposal! Where to begin? 

Do not worry I am here for you and I will help you plan the perfect proposal.
Let’s make the question she has been waiting for,
a moment she will never forget.






1. Location: 

Pick a location that is meaningful to the both of you. 
Where was your first date?
Do you have a fond memory visiting a beach or a stroll through the forest?
Have you been planning or wanting to plan a trip to a foreign location (Canada, the tropics, Europe?)?

Because choosing your the location of your proposal is a great way to start, think of a location that would be meaningful to you both. Your location should create the perfect ambiance of love, joy and radiance. Before your proposal date; I will either walk through the location with you, or arrive the day before your proposal to determine the perfect backdrop, where to stand and how to as her, “will you marry me?”  
(more on that part later).

2. Timing:

What time of the day should I propose?
I suggest proposing an hour and a half before sunset because this allows for the perfect dreamy light. Also, what girl doesn’t love the idea of saying “yes” to her one true love during sunset? 

 3. Wardrobe:

Because she will thank you for this later!

You may be wondering, “but how do I not make it obvious about why I’m having us dress up?” Well, you could treat her to a fancy dinner? Make reservations to the nicest restaurant in town for a special date night. First of all, she will fall head over heels at the idea of your planning a date night. Second, she will be very happy that you want to dress up (in a button up shirt and dress pants). She will immediately want to have her hair done up and wear a dress she feel beautiful in (we know she is already beautiful)!

If you are stuck on what to wear, do not worry because, I will send you a personal style guide to help you decide!

4. Finding THE spot:

This is where I come in! I will walk with you through your location choosing the best backdrop for your proposal; but, I will also help you with where each of you should stand. If we cannot meet prior to the proposal, no need to worry, I will arrive to the location the day prior and talk with you over a video call. We will talk about where you should stand, where she should be standing across from you, what knee to go down on, and how to show off the ring you chose for her. We will also discuss the “signal”. 

5. The “SIGNAL”:

The “signal” will let me know when I should point my camera at you to and start clicking away (I will be either hiding or strolling around the area pretending to capture the landscape around me, I will be incognito). The most common “signal” is a hug with a kiss on the forehead, right before you go to get down on one knee. With the hug, if she is not standing in the correct location, you can easily move her around until she is in place. Once you are in place, look into her eyes as you get down on one knee. Profess your love to her, tell her why you want to spend your life with her, then ask “will you marry me”?

And let me capture the question she has been waiting for!


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