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Joelle | Cake Smash


A Purple Outdoor Cake Smash Session

Cake smash session are just SO adorable!!! I can’t handle the cuteness. What can I say, I absolutely LOVE them! This adorable purple outdoor cake smash session in no exception.

Joelle had her cake smash session outdoors in her grandmother’s backyard. And it was just darling! I will say, I may be the tiniest, little bit biased when it comes to little Joelle’s cake smash session. You see, this is my ADORABLE little niece! Oh I cannot believe how quickly her first year went by! She’s such a big girl.

As her Auntie, I was thrilled to be the one to capture her cake smash images! I even did the decorating for it, hope I did a good job!

Joelle just LOVED her time with her cake, I mean once she knew that the cake was DELICIOUS, there was no stopping her!! She even modeled for the camera and knew how to make a viewer say “awwwwww”! Her purple outfit and kitty-kat ears were perfect, purple is most definitely her color!

Joelle was a little hesitant when it came to her cake. She really did not know what to think of it. It was so cute seeing her dainty little fingers testing out the cake. After a little convincing from her mom, she just DOVE right in (hands and feet)! She LOVED it!

I cannot wait for you to scroll through and see how sweet this little girl is!

I mean, how sweet is she with her little pearls?!

How beautiful is her cake! Definitely my favorite style for cake smashes!

This is when she realized she LOVES cake!

How can you not love Joelle’s purple outdoor cake smash? Oh… and her little foot too?!

I just couldn’t get enough of this cake smash session!

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