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Jeremy + Charlie | Engaged


Jeremy and Charlie’s horse farm engagement session was a special day filled with love and nature’s charm. When I arrived at their beautiful home farm in South Windsor, I was greeted by the serene atmosphere of rolling pastures and a quaint farmhouse. And the rustic charm of the farm, complemented by the presence of their donkeys and three playful dogs.

Capturing the essence of their horse farm homestead was a joy. Every corner telling a story of their engagement and love for their land and animals. The backdrop of lush green pastures and well-tended landscaping provided the perfect setting.

Shortly after capturing the intimate moments at their home, we ventured to Tanglewood Farm in Colchester, CT. Paris, their elegant mare, and her three-week-old foal, Willow, awaited us. It was a delight to witness Willow’s first venture outdoors. Her tiny hooves kicking up the earth as she frolicked in the golden sunlight.

While Paris stood still, Willow couldn’t wait to explore. She wiggled and wobbled, too excited to pose. Every click of the camera caught her bouncing joy, showing the lively spirit of the young foal. Also amidst the laughter, we captured their bond, Willow’s playful nature adding extra charm to the photos.

When the golden hour bathed the farm in a warm glow, we took a leisurely stroll, capturing the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. The soft hues of the setting sun painted a picture-perfect backdrop, enriching the magic of Jeremy and Charlie’s engagement session amidst the serene countryside.

Location | Tanglewood Quarter Horse Farm

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