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Christine + Antonio | Engaged


Christine and Antonio’s engagement session was a picture-perfect affair from start to finish. The sun was shining, the gardens were in full bloom, and there was an undeniable sense of love and excitement in the air. As their photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a better setting to capture their special moments.

The lavender gardens at Eolia Mansion provided a stunning backdrop for their engagemet session. The vibrant colors and lush greenery added a touch of romance to every shot. Christine and Antonio looked absolutely radiant as they strolled hand in hand through the fragrant blooms. Their smiles lighting up the garden even more.

But perhaps the highlight of the day was the presence of their beloved fur baby, Brody. Decked out in a charming “dog of honor” handkerchief, Brody stole the show with his playful antics and unwavering loyalty. It was heartwarming to see the bond between the three of them. I made sure to capture plenty of candid moments of them together.

As the afternoon turned to evening, we made our way to the nearby beach to catch the sunset. The golden hour light bathed the sand and sea in a warm, ethereal glow. It created the perfect backdrop for some truly breathtaking photos. Their love shining as brightly as the sun dipping below the horizon.

As I packed up my camera gear at the end of the engagement session, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have been a part of such a special day at Eolia Mansion. Capturing the love and joy of Christine, Antonio, and Brody was an absolute privilege, and I know that these photos will be cherished for years to come. Here’s to many more happy memories for this beautiful couple and their furry friend!


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