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Keira + Danny | Engaged


Kiera and Danny’s engagement session in downtown Providence, Rhode Island was a beautiful evening filled with joy and affection. Against the backdrop of the grandeur of Providence’s architecture and city skyline, their love shone brightly.

Their engagement session kicked off in downtown Providence, where the streets buzzed with life. Kiera and Danny’s happiness was contagious, lighting up every corner we explored. With my camera in hand, I was ready to capture their love story in every frame.

One of the highlights was our stop at Bellini Providence bar. The cozy atmosphere and fizzy champagne made for a perfect setting to celebrate their engagement. Laughter filled the air as we toasted to their future together.

But the fun didn’t stop there. We climbed up to the rooftop of a nearby parking garage, where we were greeted by a stunning view of the city. With champagne in hand, Kiera and Danny shared sweet moments against the backdrop of city lights. It was a magical sight to behold.

Throughout the photo session, their love shone brightly. Whether stealing kisses on the streets or simply enjoying each other’s company, their bond was undeniable.

As the sun set and our session came to an end, I felt grateful to have been part of their special day. Kiera and Danny’s engagement session in downtown Providence wasn’t just about taking pictures; it was about celebrating their love and the joy they found in each other.

Location | Downtown Providence, Rhode Island
Restaurant | Bellini Providence


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