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Sofia + Justin | Engaged


A beautiful and wind swept engagement session at the Branford House Mansion in Groton, CT.

Sofia and Justin had a beautiful engagement session at the historic Branford House Mansion in Groton, CT. Despite the windy evening, their love shone brightly. We used the wind to create a windswept hair look for Sofia, adding a charming touch to the photos. They also brought their adorable and playful pup, Stella, who made the session even more enjoyable. I always love it when couples bring their furry friends along.

Stella, their lively pup, stole the spotlight with her wagging tail and playful nature. She brought an extra element of joy and spontaneity to the photos, showcasing the happiness that Sofia and Justin share. Including Stella in the session added an authentic touch, highlighting the love and companionship they all share. It served as a reminder of the special moments they will create as a family.

With windswept hair, contagious laughter, and love in the air, this engagement session at the Branford House Mansion will be cherished as an unforgettable experience. Throughout the session, Sofia and Justin’s love was evident as they embraced the windy weather with smiles on their faces.

The Branford House Mansion, with its elegant architecture and rich history, provided a stunning backdrop that perfectly captured their love story.

Location | Branford House Mansion


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