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Brooke + Sean | Engaged


An Elizabeth Park engagement session in West Hartford, CT

One of my favorite ways that a session starts is when a couple says, “we have no idea what to do!”, or “I’m a little nervous”.

Now hear me out. I like hearing comments like this because I know that I can help ease their minds. I always says, “you can’t mess this up at all” and “I will tell you everything to do!”. Usually 15-20 minutes into the session they are having a fun time and become natural professionals! I mean just look at this engagement session at Elizabeth Park!

This was exactly the case with Brooke and Sean. And you know what, they were being so cute and posing themselves and they didn’t even realize it!! For example, I would go to change up a pose and they were just naturally being super sweet, cuddly and fun together. Sean got the nuzzle down before I had to even explain it to him! So if you don’t think you’ll feel natural in front of the camera…you may be surprised that you are!

Throughout our session, Brooke and Sean were always laughing and excited for the evening. I loved talking with them and learning about their hobbies and interests! One of my favorite conversations was about their joy in motorcycling! I didn’t expect both of them to being into bikes and I loved learning about the fun adventures they’ve had. I wish we were able to get a few photos on the bike, how cute would that have been in their casual outfit?!

At the end of our session, both Brooke and Sean expressed how much fun they had at our session! They felt like they knew what they were doing and couldn’t wait to do it again in their wedding day. This just fills my heart. I love when my clients feel this way in the end, it is one of the best compliments I can receive.


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