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Kelly + Jake


A 1761 Old Mill Wedding In Westminster, MA

One the sweetest things is seeing the pure and true love two people have for each other. Kelly and Jake and no exception. You can just feel the love between them. They are always smiling and and laughing, and you can’t help but want to be around them.

I’m so happy I met them and became their photographer! From the moment I met them at their engagement session, I just knew we would get along! The doctor conversation flowed easily and the laughs were constant. When their 1761 Old Mill wedding day came, I couldn’t have been more excited to see them again!!

Now this not something I usually do at weddings. But one of my favorite parts of their wedding was their first touch. It was definitely a precious and touching moment. We found the perfect spot away from spectators, where they could just be in the moment together. Kelly and Jake decided to exchange gifts with one another during this time. It was so beautiful to see the emotions wash over them while they opened their gifts. It was a perfect moment.

After their sweet and beautiful ceremony (such a picture perfect scene), we spent some time dtogether doing a for their portraits. We went all around the mill and to the cover s bridge! It was breathtaking!

It’s cake time!!

Now, this is something I have never seen during a wedding reception before. A cake game! You may be asking, what is a cake game? Well, the best man and maid of honor go around the tables as guests put money in their baskets. Those that want the bride to smash cake in the groom’s face, place money in the maid of honor’s basket. Those that want the groom to smash cake in the bride’s face, place money in the best man’s basket. It was so fun to see them give great arguments to why the bride or groom should have cake smashed in their face.

Once the DJ pronounces the time is is, the maid of honor and best man count their money. Whoever has the most determines who’s getting cake in their face! Needless to say, Kelly won!! Not only did she get to smash cake on Jake’s face, but they both were able to keep the money. Now being the amazing couple they are, they donated half to a charity! I mean how sweet is that? I truly hope to see this game again!

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

After a fun night of dancing, and I mean lots of dancing! The dance floor was ALWAYS full! It was time to say goodbye to the newlyweds. And what’s a better send off than one with bubbles?! I think everyone needs bubbles! It looked sooo fun as they were making their way to their town car!! The bubbles are colorful and easily put a smile on everyone’s face.

I am just beyond happy that I could capture such a wonderful and fun wedding for such an amazing couple.

Venue | The 1761 Old Mill

Florist | Sparkle

DJ | Sound Advice DJ

Gown| Marry and Tux Bridal

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